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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Music Premium Features


YouTube Music Premium offers a revolutionary music streaming experience for users who are passionate about music. With a variety of features and benefits, this premium subscription service takes your listening experience to the next level. Moreover, YouTube Music Premium allows you to take your music with you wherever you go, even when you’re offline, ensuring that you never miss a beat.

Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium today to unlock a range of exclusive features that enhance your music listening pleasure. With background play, you can continue listening to music while using other apps or even when your phone screen is turned off.

Additionally, the ability to download videos for offline viewing means you can enjoy your favorite music videos without worrying about an internet connection. Stay tuned for more exciting features as we delve deeper into the world of YouTube Music Premium.

Introduction to YouTube Music Premium

Youtube music premimum

Welcome to the world of YouTube Music Premium, where music lovers can take their listening experience to the next level. With YouTube Music Premium, Users gain access to a wide array of exclusive features that elevate their music streaming journey. With YouTube Music Premium, users can enjoy an ad-free listening experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in their favorite tunes without any interruptions.

But that’s not all - YouTube Music Premium also offers the convenience of offline listening, background play, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. Users can create and share playlists seamlessly, discover new music through personalized recommendations, and enjoy enhanced audio quality. To top it all off, YouTube Music Premium subscribers also get access to YouTube Originals, adding a unique twist to their music streaming experience.


Monthly Plan: $10.99

Yearly Plan: $109.99

How to Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium

Upgrade to YouTube Music Premium and unlock a whole new world of features and benefits. Follow these simple steps to upgrade and start enjoying ad-free listening, offline access, background play, and more:

1. Sign in to Your Google Account:

The first step to upgrading to YouTube Music Premium is to make sure you are signed in to your Google Account. If you don’t already have one, you will need to create an account before proceeding.

2. Navigate to YouTube Music Premium:

Once you are signed in, navigate to the YouTube Music Premium page. Here, you will find all the information about the premium subscription, including pricing and features. Click on the “Upgrade” button to start the process.

3. Enter Payment Information  and Confirm:

To complete the upgrade, you will need to enter your payment information, such as your credit card details or PayPal account. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email, and your account will be upgraded to YouTube Music Premium.

From ad-free listening to offline access and personalized recommendations, this premium subscription will take your music streaming experience to new heights.

Unlock YouTube Music Premium Features

Unlock a whole new world of music with YouTube Music Premium. Dive into a seamless listening experience with these premium features:

1. Ad-Free Listening Experience

With the YouTube Music Premium feature, you will not be interrupted with pesky ads during your music listening experience. This means your relaxing or rocking music session will not be peppered with interruptions that divert you from the rhythm and mood of the music. The Ad-Free Listening Experience guarantees to keep the atmosphere uninterrupted and only about the music.

2. Offline Listening:

The offline listening feature allows users to access their favorite music even without an internet connection. You could be commuting, travelling, or in an area with weak or no network and still enjoy your favorite tunes. This terrifies streaming restrictions and ensures users enjoy their music playlist anytime, anywhere.

Youtube music premimum feature

3. Background Play:

The background play is an outstanding feature that leaves your music playing, even as you navigate between apps, answer calls, or lock your device. It ensures you can multitask on your smartphone without necessarily pausing your music or video. Essentially, this makes listening to music a seamless and immersive experience as you go about other tasks.

4. Download Videos for Offline Viewing:

This feature goes a notch higher than audio. You can not only download your favourite music tracks but also save high-quality music videos for offline viewing. Whether it’s a beautiful music video or a live performance clip, you can save it directly to your device, making it available for your viewing pleasure whenever you want.

5. Creating and Sharing Playlists:

This feature lets you express your unique taste in music, compile your favorite tracks, and share your musical vibes with friends. It allows for tailored playlists for different moods, parties, or activities, thereby serving as a music catalog that caters to your preferences.

Youtube music premimum feature

6. Access to YouTube Originals:

Here, you will have exclusive access to specially produced YouTube content. These include unique series, movies, and events from the biggest names in the music industry. This makes a YouTube Music Premium subscription worth every penny as it opens you up to top-notch content not available anywhere else.

7. Enhanced Audio Quality:

YouTube Music Premium automatically improves the fidelity of the music you listen to. You get to enjoy crisp, clear, and high-definition audio quality, which transforms your typical music listening experience into something more akin to a live performance.

8. Personalized Recommendations:

Leveraging Google’s AI algorithms, YouTube Music Premium analyses your listening patterns to offer tailor-made music recommendations. This feature helps you discover new artists and songs that align with your musical taste. You end up diving deeper into your preferred music genres and uncovering fresh, enjoyable tracks.

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From ad-free listening and offline playback to access to YouTube Originals and personalized recommendations, this subscription service truly elevates your music discovery journey. The ability to create and share playlists, download videos for offline viewing, and enjoy enhanced audio quality make YouTube Music Premium a must-have for music enthusiasts.

Overall, upgrading to YouTube Music Premium is a game-changer for those who want to enjoy uninterrupted music listening without any distractions. With the convenience of background play and the flexibility to listen offline, this premium service caters to the needs of every music lover.

The seamless integration with YouTube’s vast library of content and the added bonus of exclusive YouTube Originals make this subscription worth every penny spent. Don’t miss out on the ultimate music streaming experience with YouTube Music Premium!


youtube music premium

1. Does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music?

Yes, YouTube Premium does include access to YouTube Music. When you upgrade to YouTube Premium, you not only get ad-free and offline access to YouTube videos but also to YouTube Music. This means you can enjoy all the features of YouTube Music Premium, such as offline listening, background play, and enhanced audio quality.

2. Can I cancel YouTube Music Premium?

If you no longer wish to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, you can easily cancel your subscription. Simply go to your account settings, locate the subscriptions section, and select the option to cancel your YouTube Music Premium subscription. Keep in mind that once you cancel, you will lose access to all the premium features, including ad-free listening and offline listening.