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How to Download YouTube to Audio in 320kbps?


YouTube has been one of the most promising and most popular services for sharing your videos and if you are lucky enough, monetise it. However, what would you do if you want to download youtube to audio, get videos or audio from the YouTube videos? Picking the right YouTube to audio tool is what would be helpful in the context of how to download YouTube audio. 

How to Download Audio from YouTube by using YouTube to Audio Conversion

YouTube, on its own, does not let you download any of the content on it. You can stream the content, or at the most watch it offline on the service itself for a limited period of time. The reasons should be quite obvious. The videos uploaded on YouTube are created after putting in a lot of effort, and in some cases – it may be the only earning option for the creators of the video. 

youtube to audio

However, it is not strictly illegal to download YouTube to audio. As long as you are using the downloaded video or audio for your personal purposes, there should be nothing you need to worry about, and can simply download YouTube to audio with ease. 

However, if you are checking out the options on how to download audio from YouTube, there isn’t any built-in option that helps you achieve it. You simply need to opt for a few third-party tools that will be helpful in letting you work with an efficient option for how to download audio from YouTube. 

You have a good number of options both in online YouTube to audio converters or software-based YouTube video to audio conversion. Online tools can be a great option and helpful for an on the move experience in handling your queries on how to get audio from YouTube. 

How to Rip Audio from YouTube without losing quality?

If you are checking out the best options on how to rip audio from YouTube without losing quality, YTMP3 is a great solution with the online compatibility. One of the capable online options in how to download audio from YouTube, it can also be useful in an effective YouTube to audio conversion. 

A few of the features offered by the powerful YouTube to audio converter include: 

  • YTMP3 supports more than 1000 sites. A few of the sites supported on the platform include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and a lot more. 
  • A high-speed conversion ensures that saves the audio onto your device within a few seconds
  • High-quality audio conversion with access to the highest available quality. It offers you a high-end YouTube to mp3 quality. 
  • It does work on almost all the platforms. It does work with almost all the platforms that include Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. 


How to Rip Audio from YouTube without losing quality?-1
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How to Rip Audio from YouTube without losing quality?-2
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Whether you are downloading music from YouTube or any other supported platforms, you have the freedom to choose the desired quality level for your downloads.

Tips: You can use a popular MP3 Juice tool if you want to use keywords to search for music before downloading.


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Steps to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio

1. Launch YouTube and Get access to the video that you want to download the video for. 

2. Get the video URL for the video. You can get the video URL through the address bar or by right clicking on the video and then picking the option for Copy video URL. 

how to download youtube audio

3. Visit YTMP3 website and paste the link for the video in the space provided 

4. Click on Convert option.

youtube video to mp3 audio converter

5. The YT to MP3 Converter software will analyse the video and simply provide you with the best YouTube to audio download options right away. You will get access to the download options for the best available quality. 

6. You can simply click on Download option, and your audio will be downloaded and saved on your device. 

how to rip audio from youtube

The youtube to audio software is capable of downloading videos with the download quality in quality up to 1080p. As for the audio tracks, you can download them in quality up to 320 Kbps. That should be one of the excellent options on how to download YouTube audio. 

Few Youtube to Audio FAQs

What's the best audio quality you can get from YTMP3?

YTMP3 provides you access to an enhanced service quality and lets you download YouTube to audio in the best available quality on the original video. The service can let you download your audio in audio quality of up to 320 kbps. But the video should provide the audio quality in 320 Kbps if you want to download it in the high quality. 

How to download YouTube playlist to mp3?

You can use a few specific tools that specialise in YouTube Playlist downloads. Ideally, an online YouTube to audio converter does not let you use the feature. For those needs, it would be advisable to use software solutions. You can find details on YTMP3.

What is the maximum size of the video that you can download? 

There is no limit on the file size or the number of files you can download. You can download any number of files as per your preferences. 

Can I download YouTube to MP4 with YTMP3?

Of course. With the help of YTMP3, you can download Youtube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 without quality loss.

After YouTube to Audio converter, is there any loss in Audio Quality? 

No. YTMP3 offers you a complete lossless YouTube to audio conversion. Whether you are downloading video or audio using YTMP3, you can be assured of a perfect lossless conversion capability. 

Can you download high quality video with YTMP3?

Yes, definitely. You can use YTMP3 or other Youtube/TikTok downloader like snaptik to download high quality videos of 1080p and 4k. Understand more about: How to Download YouTube Videos in High Quality