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Tip: Insert "999" before the word "youtube" in the link to download videos and mp3 files from YouTube as a faster way.
How to Utilize the 999YouTube Short Domain for Video Downloads?
  • Step1: Access the YouTube Video
  • Step2: Insert "999" before the word "youtube" in the video URL
  • Step3: Press the "Enter" to download YouTube video/audio
How to Download Youtube videos?
1、 Copy the YouTube video address
2、 Paste URL into the text box and click the"Start→" button
3、 Choose from the displayed results and click the "Video(.mp4)" button

Click here to check YouTube Downloader step-by-step guide with image.

Why use YTMP3 Online YouTube to MP4 Downloader?
1、 Support All Web Browsers
2、 Work on Various Platforms
3、 FAQs about Converting YouTube to MP4
4、 No Plugin or Software Involved

Best Free Online YouTube to MP4 Downloader

Why use Do you encounter such a moment when you constantly search for a YouTube video that impressed you several days ago? You’d better convert the impressed YouTube video for offline viewing. YouTube conversion here is free of charge and easy to use with high-quality outputs and fast speed. It is considered as the best choice to convert YouTube to MP4. We work hard and stay intellectually curious about our colleagues' tasks, with the goal of developing this YouTube MP4 Converter and bringing it to a better future. This tool is one of your best choices. 

Watching YouTube videos is a good way to relax and kill time when you stay at home. Unfortunately, the internet is not available all the time. If you are streaming your favorite TV programs on YouTube, no access to the internet might put you in the darkest moment. So, want to watch YouTube anytime and anywhere? Here comes YouTube to MP4 Converter. Convert YouTube to MP4 and save it to your computer or phone so that you can watch them when there is no internet connection or the internet speed is not good enough. 

How to use this YouTube to MP4 Converter? Let’s run through the detail.

FAQs about Converting YouTube to MP4

1. Do you limit the number of files when I convert YouTube to MP4 HD?

No, we don't. The best YT to MP4 Converter is free of charge, so there's no limit on the number of files when you convert videos. Online YouTube to MP4 Converters are easy to use and intuitive. However, for more advanced features, such as playlist download, you will need to use more stable and powerful tools, such as software. 

For the best audio quality, YTMP3 supports converting YouTube to MP3. Desktop programs are more stable in analyzing URLs and converting. You can save a playlist in one click with a YouTube Converter Software. Just download a YouTube Converter Software. Paste the URL of a playlist or directly open a playlist. Then you can save the entire playlist or part of it to your device. Alternatively, you can also convert YouTube playlist via apps. You can search for YouTube playlists on apps directly.

2. How long will it take to convert a YouTube video/audio? Typically, the process of converting YouTube videos into MP4 format requires several minutes. To simplify and expedite this process, a reliable and secure tool called “YouTube to MP4” is available for use. This efficient tool enables users to convert their preferred YouTube files in minimal time, as it happens to be one of the quickest YouTube to MP4 converters available online. With, converting YouTube to MP4 is a safe and straightforward process.
3. What audio/video formats do you support? When you use this YouTube MP4 tool to convert YouTube to MP4 safe, you can choose to save in audio or video format. These two formats are used on almost all devices. If you want a free and intuitive YouTube to MP4 Converter online, nothing is better than this YTMP4 Converter. Unlike any other online converters, this free YouTube to MP3 Converter just focuses on converting and it allows you to save music videos in one click. It is ads-free and hassle-free. You don’t bother signing up or installing any programs. It protects your privacy as it does not record any historical data.
4. Can you convert YouTube files with copyright protection? No, we can’t. You should make sure the YouTube files you are to convert aren’t under copyright protection when you ask: how do you convert from YouTube. You should not use this website to convert YouTube to MP4 for commercial purposes.
5. Is your service available on a smartphone or tablet to convert YouTube to MP4? Yes. You can use mobile phones and tablets to convert YouTube to MP4 on the condition that your device stays connected to the internet when you use this YouTube MP4 Converter.
6. Do you have our conversion histories? No, we don’t. We never record any user’s historical data when you convert YouTube to MP4 format unless for operating needs. This safe YouTube to MP4 Converter always keeps you away from malware ads. Your privacy and security are protected because this YT to MP4 Converter has no access to your links or converted files. Tips: to ensure the security of your devices, you can update virus scanning tools already installed on your PC. Besides, you can choose trustworthy and reliable YouTube converters, such as
7. Unable to convert videos directly after clicking the download icon? Sometimes you need to move to a pop-up window, which shows the video preview, to continue. Just press ctrl + s (windows) or press long (mobile phone) or command + s (mac)to save the video to your device. In some cases, this pop-up window may be blocked by your browser. Then you have to allow it to open first and move to that page to continue.
8. Where is the file saved? If you haven't changed the default storage location of your browser, then the saved files will be in the download folder. You can change the default location through the browser settings.