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    How to Convert YouTube to MP4 Safe for free with

    Watching YouTube videos is a good way to relax and kill time when you stay at home. Unfortunately, the internet is not available all the time. If you are streaming your favorite TV programs on YouTube, no access to the internet might put you in the darkest moment. So, want to watch YouTube anytime and anywhere? Here comes YouTube to MP4 Converter. Convert YouTube to MP4 and save it to your computer or phone so that you can watch them when there is no internet connection or the internet speed is not good enough. 

    Then how to use this YouTube to MP4 Converter? Let’s run through the detail.
    1.Copy a YouTube video URL to the above input box


    2.Click Convert to begin analyzing the video


    3.Choose from the displayed results and click the Download button


    Free Online YouTube to MP4 -

    Support All Web Browsers

    YouTube to MP4 Converter supports to rip videos to MP4 format and audio format from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and more. You can choose any browser to open, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox, you name it.

    Easy to Use for YouTube to MP4

    YTMP4 Converter makes your conversion easier. Convert YouTube MP4 with this YT to MP4 Converter and enjoy a friendly and straightforward UI. So all users have a relaxed time when they stay here to rip YouTube to MP4. You only need to go three steps: paste a YouTube URL, hit CONVERT, and choose a FORMAT & RESOLUTION. The simple YouTube to MP4 Converter will never let you down!

    Fast Speed in Ripping YouTube to MP4

    The safe YouTube MP4 Converter adopts the latest technology to enable you to save free YouTube to MP4 quickly. It is one of your best choices to convert YouTube to MP4 format. The unique technology makes this simple YouTube to MP4 Converter work amazingly fast, even with HD quality. 

    All you need to do is copy and paste the link of the video you want to save. There is no requirement for registration or converting any software: it is online and hassle-free. 

    Convert YouTube to MP4 HD

    If the video you want to convert is available at 1080p, you can convert YouTube to MP4 1080P for free with this YouTube to MP4 HD Converter. Therefore, you can convert your favorite videos without losing quality and fully enjoy your saved videos later. 

    Different Resolutions to Choose

    This free online YouTube to MP4 Converter online supports to save YouTube to MP4 and audio format. We offer different resolution options, including 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, in order to meet the needs of different user. From now on, anything about YouTube to MP4 would not be a problem for you anymore.

    No Plugin or Software Involved

    Our team is dedicated to developing an all-round online solution to settle all your requirements. Plugins or software are not required when you convert YouTube to MP4. Feel free to try YouTube Downloader, and you will find it is not only fast in conversion speed but also premium in quality.

    Free Safe YouTube to MP4 Converter

    You may open this website to convert YouTube to MP4 safe that impressed you to portable devices for playback in your rest time. This free Converter provides the highest quality MP4 conversion for all users by advanced technology. That's this is the best YouTube to MP4 Converter. 


    Why use

    Do you encounter such a moment when you constantly search for a YouTube video that impressed you several days ago? You’d better convert the impressed YouTube video for offline viewing. YouTube conversion here is free of charge and easy to use with high-quality outputs and fast speed. It is considered as the best choice to convert YouTube to MP4. 

    We work hard and stay intellectually curious about their colleagues' tasks, with the goal to develop this YouTube MP4 Converter and bring it to a better future. This tool is one of your best choices.​


    Online vs Software & APP vs Extension Browser​​​​​​

    Generally, there are THREE ways that you can use to convert YouTube to MP4, online products, desktop software or mobile app, and extension browser. The three methods have their own pros and cons. Then let’s run through the detail.

    Online YouTube to MP4 Converter
    With online products, like, you can convert YouTube to MP4 without installing any software or app or extension. Just directly visit their websites, copy a video URL, wait for it to finish analyzing, and save it to the local.

    Compatible with almost all devices
    Easy access
    No need to install anything
    Not consume storage space
    Mostly free of charge
    Limited output formats 
    Limited options for resolution and quality
    No advanced features like YouTube playlist conversion, super-fast conversion, built-in search or player
    Some online products keep showing pop-up ads

    Software or APP
    Software or APP is normally more stable and more powerful than online YouTube to MP4 Converter. But the point is they will take up your storage space and may affect the whole running speed later. Their interface is normally a bit more complicated than online products. But the premium features are really useful and convenient sometimes.

    Powerful features like playlist and batch conversion, a built-in player (most are paid)
    More stable
    Support more formats
    Provide more options for resolution and quality
    A requirement for your system and storage space
    Not free of charge
    Some are not easy to use

    Browser Extension
    To use a browser extension to convert YouTube to MP4, you need to install the extension to your browser first, like Google Chrome. It won’t take up your storage and usually more convenient than online YouTube to MP4 Converter since you can convert videos directly while browsing those popular websites instead of copying and pasting the video URL to another site. There is also some inconvenience.

    More convenient
    Won’t take up storage space
    Normally free of charge
    Limited to one browser
    Limited options for format, resolution, and quality
    Not very stable
    May generate cookies and track your histories

    FAQ of

    1.Do you limit the number of files when I convert YouTube to MP4 HD?

    No, we don't. The best YT to MP4 Converter is free of charge, so there's no limit on the number of files when you convert videos. Online YouTube to MP4 Converters are easy to use and intuitive. However, for more advanced features, such as playlist download, you will need to use more stable and powerful tools, such as software.

    Desktop programs are more stable in analyzing URLs and converting. You can save a playlist in one click with a YouTube Converter Software. Just download a YouTube Converter Software. Paste the URL of a playlist or directly open a playlist. Then you can save the entire playlist or part of it to your device. Alternatively, you can also convert YouTube playlist via apps. You can search for YouTube playlists on apps directly.

    2.How long will it take to convert a YouTube video/audio?

    In general, it will take several minutes to convert YouTube to MP4 format. This safe MP4 YouTube is fully prepared to help you convert your favorite YouTube files as little time as possible. This YouTube MP4 tool is one of the fastest YouTube to MP4 Converters online. Convert YouTube to MP4 safe with

    3.What audio/video formats do you support?

    When you use this YouTube MP4 tool to convert YouTube to MP4 safe, you can choose to save in audio or video format. These two formats are used on almost all devices. If you want a free and intuitive YouTube to MP4 Converter online, nothing is better than this YTMP4 Converter. Unlike any other online converters, this free YouTube to MP3 Converter just focuses on converting and it allows you to save music videos in one click. It is ads-free and hassle-free. You don’t bother signing up or installing any programs. It protects your privacy as it does not record any historical data. For the best audio quality, YTMP3 support convert YouTube to Audio 320kbps.

    4.Can you convert YouTube files with copyright protection?

    No, we can’t. You should make sure the YouTube files you are to convert aren’t under copyright protection when you ask: how do you convert from YouTube. You should not use this website to convert YouTube to MP4 for commercial purposes.

    5.Is your service available on a smartphone or tablet as to convert YouTube to MP4?

    Yes. You can use mobile phones and tablets to convert best YouTube to MP4 on condition that your device stays connected to the internet when you use this YouTube MP4 Converter.

    6.Do you have our conversion histories?

    No, we don’t. We never record any user’s historical data when you convert YouTube to MP4 format unless for operating needs. This safe YouTube to MP4 Converter always keeps you away from malware ads. Your privacy and security are protected because this YTMP4 Converter has no access to your links or converted files. Tips: to ensure the security of your devices, you can update virus scanning tools already installed on your PC. Besides, you can choose trustworthy and reliable YouTube converters, such as 

    7. Unable to convert videos directly after clicking the download icon?

    Sometimes you need to move to a pop-up window, which shows the video preview,  to continue. Just press ctrl + s (windows) or press long (mobile phone) or command + s (mac)to save the video to your device. In some cases, this pop-up window may be blocked by your browser. Then you have to allow it to open first and move to that page to continue.

    8. Where is the file saved?

    If you haven't changed the default storage location of your browser, then the saved files will be in the download folder. You can change the default location through the browser settings.