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Hamiraw (mikaraw) is closed down and we recommend a successor manga site to replace it.


What is Hamiraw(mikaraw)?

Hamiraw(mikaraw) is a pirate site that repeatedly uploads manga illegally, and NIKARAW is a clone site of Hamiraw(mikaraw), that is, when you access it, you are forcibly redirected to another pirate manga site called "NIKARAW The system has been changed.

What is Hamiraw (mikaraw)? -1

Official website of Hamiraw (mikaraw):

High quality manga are updated daily for free. You can read One Piece, The Promised Neverland, and other popular manga online. Not only that, the site offers numerous categories and allows you to find comics based on relevant keywords.

Hamiraw (mikaraw), the manga titles available on himiraw are not only royal manga such as Shigeki no Kyojin, One Piece, Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), Blade of Demons, Tokyo Revengers, but also a full range of erotic movies such as Valkyrie of the End, Secret Class, I Borrow Her, Aoashi The list of manga is as follows.

Hamiraw (mikaraw) clone sites and similar site collections

Pirate sites similar to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 1: Sakura Manga

Sakura Manga is a website dedicated to Japanese manga and anime. The site offers information on the latest manga and anime, reviews, character information, and events. Sakura Manga is a must-see site for fans of Japanese manga and anime, as it offers a large selection of free manga and anime.

Piracy sites similar to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 2: Sen Manga is a site that provides English translations of Japanese manga and ranobooks. Many popular works are available on the site and can be read for free. On the site, you can search for works or search by genre. sen manga is a great site for promoting popular Japanese manga to fans around the world. Please visit it.

Piracy site similar to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 3: LoveHug

LoveHugg is an online video distribution site specializing in Japanese anime and manga. Users can watch the latest anime productions, past masterpieces, and popular manga. The site offers a wide variety of categories, making it easy for users to find works that suit their tastes.

LoveHug offers high quality streaming of anime so that users can comfortably enjoy them. In addition, there is an extensive community function that allows users to share their thoughts and information about works, making it a popular place for anime fans to interact with each other.

We recommend this site to anime lovers and those interested in Japanese culture, so please visit LoveHug. You may be able to find your favorite work.

Piracy sites similar to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 4: manga11

Manga11 ( is one of the sites where you can read manga online for free. Not only popular manga such as Shigeki no Kyojin, One Piece, Bokuno no Hero Academia, Oni-no-Baiden, Tokyo Revengers, but also erotic manga such as Valkyrie of the End, Secret Lesson, Girlfriend on Loan, and Aoashi can be enjoyed for free. However, this site was closed in 2021 due to manga being uploaded illegally. Instead, hamiraw has emerged as the successor site to Manga11.

Piracy Sites Similar to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 5: is an online manga site where you can read for free. Featuring daily updates, the site offers a wide variety of manga genres, which users can easily access and read. offers a wide selection of new and popular works as well as manga from unusual genres. The site is updated daily, so there is always something new to enjoy.

In addition, allows users to rate manga and leave comments. Through, many users are enjoying a new world of manga. If you are interested, please visit the site.

Consider the dangers of pirate sites like Hamiraw.

Some malicious pop-up ads claim, "This device may be infected with a virus." They claim, "This device may be infected with a virus. Selecting the page may install fake security software. If you install that software, you may be infected with a virus. You should be wary of fake virus warnings.

If you select some ads, you risk being involved in a scam where your credit card information may be stolen or you may be exposed to phishing scams or one-click fraud. In any case, please ignore all ads on the page and be careful not to click on them recklessly.

When selecting a work or advancing to the next page, ads may be displayed in an attempt to inadvertently get you to click on them. there are also a large number of ads when accessing Hamiraw, NIKARAW, and others. Accidentally clicking on an ad can be very dangerous, as you may be led to a virus infection or scam. The best measure is to avoid accessing illegal sites to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Furthermore, repeated downloads from illegal Japanese manga pirate sites can result in up to 2 years in prison and fines of up to 2 million yen, so instead of Hamiraw (mikaraw), use official sites that are safe from virus infection and one-click scams.

Recommendations for legitimate alternatives to Hamiraw(mikaraw) anime websites

Manga sites that can replace Hamiraw(mikaraw) 1: Manga Kingdom

Alternative manga site to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 1: Manga Kingdom-1

Manga Kingdom is an e-book service recommended for people of all ages and offers a large number of manga titles. There are more than 100,000 manga titles available, more than 3,000 of which can be read for free. The "shoujo/josei manga" genre is particularly prolific, and you can read almost all of the latest popular titles.

Manga Kingdom also offers an original manga search function, which is very convenient for use within the site; one attractive feature is the "Try it carefully" function, which allows you to try reading an entire book for free. In addition, when purchasing manga, users receive 20-30% back in points, making the service extremely profitable!

Alternative manga site 2 to Hamiraw (mikaraw):

Manga sites that can replace Hamiraw (mikaraw) 2:-1

Comic Seymour is a well-established e-book site that has been around for more than 15 years and has a lineup of more than 140,000 manga titles, which is very extensive compared to other e-book services. The site offers a well-balanced selection in all genres, and it features a wide variety of genres. There are three ways to enjoy manga: (1) single purchase, (2) rental, and (3) unlimited reading plan! The all-you-can-read plan, in particular, offers a wide variety of works for women, including BL works and other female-oriented genres.

The site itself is easy to use, and its operation is intuitive and user-friendly. The site itself is easy to use and has no operational problems. Furthermore, its coupons and sales are among the best in the industry.

Comic Seymour's monthly plans are as follows

  • All-you-can-read full: 1,480 yen/month (tax included) Over 91,000 books can be read as much as you want.
  • All-you-can-read Lite: 780 yen/month (tax included) Over 35,000 books can be read as much as you want.

Alternative manga site to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 3: DMM Books

Alternative manga site to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 3: DMM Books-1

DMM Books is an e-book site run by, known for its popular online game "Sword Dance. This site has one of the industry's largest selections of manga, with more than 140,000 titles. Among them, there are more than 16,000 free titles, which can be read for free. The free titles are updated regularly, so you can enjoy a variety of works.

DMM Books is an attractive site where you can get a 90% off coupon when you register. In large-scale campaigns, eligible items are sometimes discounted by 50% to 70% in points, making it an ideal site when you want to read manga in bulk. Furthermore, it should be mentioned about related sites where adult-oriented content is handled, and it is also worth mentioning that privacy considerations are well taken into account, such as the ability to lock the books handled on the shelves.

Alternative manga site to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 4: Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga has one of the largest manga lineups in Japan, with over 400,000 manga titles available. In addition, by using a monthly plan, you can get the coins you need to purchase manga at a more reasonable price, and you can also get a bonus when you charge coins without a monthly plan, and the bonus can be increased even more by implementing campaigns.

Alternative manga site to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 5: Ebookjapan

Alternative manga sites to Hamiraw (mikaraw) 5: ebookjapan-1

Ebookjapan is an e-book service that is easy to use and attractive in its functionality. Its simple, easy-to-use home screen and advanced search functions are highly regarded. In addition, the "Bookshelf" feature, which allows users to organize purchased titles by spine, is particularly attractive. Besides, the service is also recommended for PayPay users, as there are weekly campaigns that offer bonus points for paying with PayPay. Note, however, that the selection of business books and magazines is limited.

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